Thursday, September 18, 2014

25 Fall Things To Do

It's no secret -- I love autumn.

Over the years, when talking with family and friends, whenever the topic of moving to another state has come up I always say the same thing: I can't live somewhere without autumn. I just can't.

And it seems my son may have inherited some of my love for the season, because in August he was talking about apple picking, apple cider, pumpkin pancakes, how one of his favorite things to do is crunch leaves during our evening walks. Which got me thinking...

At the beginning of the summer we printed out Country Living's list of 50 Things To Do To Have the Best Summer Ever. We checked items off throughout the summer, proud of what we were able to do. So, I thought, why can't we do that for autumn?

We can!

I was surfing through pintrest one day when I saw someone had pinned someone else's list of 25 fall things to do. I read the list and bookmarked it, thinking I would just print it out later. But when I revisited the list I realize some of the items didn't fit my family's personality, and other items didn't fit what was available in my area. So I made some edits, deletions, additions, and Presto! I have my list of things to do this fall. I can't wait!

25 Fall Things To Do

  1. Pick apples
  2. Enjoy a homemade Oktoberfest
  3. Enjoy a morning at the farmer's market
  4. Drink a pumpkin spice latte Check!
  5. Drink an iced pumpkin spice chai tea latte
  6. Bake fall goodies: apple cider mini muffins, pumpkin bars
  7. Make a big pot of chili
  8. Make chicken and dumplings
  9. Have an autumn-flavored martini
  10. Attend a high school and/or college football game
  11. Burn fall-scented candles: apple Check!, Harvest
  12. Decorate the house -- outside and inside
  13. Snuggle under a warm quilt with a book and a cup of tea
  14. Have scary movie night with popcorn
  15. Buy new boots
  16. Paint nails a beautiful deep red Check!
  17. Have one last pedicure
  18. Wear more sweaters, scarves, and blazers
  19. Have one last fire in the fire pit
  20. Go hiking
  21. Get lost in a corn maze
  22. Take photos of the leaves changing
  23. Go for walks and crunch leaves with my son
  24. Attend a Halloween party or parade
  25. Savor EVERY minute

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